Hierarchical views

it’s my first post here, so please be gentle with me if I’m asking something stupid. I’ve also tried to search in the existing topics, but haven’t found anything quite like my question.
I’m using a trial version of Audirvana and have imported my classical music from the local hard drive, which is nicely tagged by composer, genre (chamber, orchestral, instrumental etc etc), period and artist. In my configuration the ‘album’ tag is not the record label album, but the composer work. That means I have a few ‘Quartet for Strings No. 14 in D minor, D. 810’ by Schubert, each version by a different quartet. The composer work is also saved in additional tag, FWIW.
In Audirvana, I can view the music by Composer, but I can’t then see any groups by genre or period. The Hierarchical filters don’t seem to allow grouping, but they just drive what is going to to be displayed (not how).
On Mediacenter I can create views and organise them by categories, but I can’t find a similar option in Audirvana. Am I missing something?
Is there at least a way to view the files as they are organised on the filesystem? That would be a reasonable workaround.


Hello @massi_f,

Are you talking about a view with folders in Audirvana?

Yeah, something like that would work, a tree view, where you can customise the views by grouping the tracks by a field (genre, period, instrument), and then do the same recursively. I kinda imagine the process to be similar to that one used to create a smart playlist, with the addition of a ‘group by’ criteria on top of the filter. Does it make any sense?

Any idea? Is there a plan to implement something like this?

Hello @massi_f, thank you for the precision. We had other suggestions similar to your and we take a look at it to improve Audirvana. We can’t guarantee you that it will be implemented the way you think of it but we have some plans for this feature.

That’s fine, thanks for the time for looking into it.
I’ll keep an eye on the next releases :grinning: