HiFace Two not in "full speed"

Hi there.
I m using a Mac Mini 2012 i7 with 16GB of RAM and a fast internal SSD. The Mac is running under OS X 10.14.5. On one of the USB-3 ports is a M2Tech HiFace TWO as the digital interface between Mac and the Dynaudio XD 200. Both support 192/24 audio.

Audirvana is up to date.

But when I listen to my DSD files the M2Tech only runs on 176.4/24.

It is right, the pcm correct (mathematical) corresponding resolution for
Dsd64 is 176.4
Dsd128 is 352.8

On spdif you can only play dsd64 over pcm (DoP) then you have 176.4

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