High CPU Load / Album covers constantly refreshing

Hi, since a while I have problems with Audirvana. It runs on a headless windows audio computer.
The CPU load of Audirvana is even in standby (no playback) very high - 25% with the result that the fan turns on…
If I look then remotely on the desktop - I see that the album covers in the library are always “blinking”. It looks like someone loads the covers again and again. Mostly Covers in the library of Qobuz. (Don’t use many others) Thats really a pity! Would really like to know if there is a solution?


Hello @sebabe, Can you check your database using the three commands in the Maintenance section of the preferences page?

This is really strange now - I had the problem since months now - every day. Just today after I postet this here - it disappeared! All is fine today.
I’ll observe that a few days…


I have had the same issue reported here with the current latest version on Windows. I figured I would let Audirvana continue, as it appeared to be doing something. I was getting 50% CPU usage and over 21Gb of RAM consumed. Eventually, my system froze and I had to do a hard reset.

In my case, the issue appears to be when Audirvana first opens and it shows the Albums list/icons for my local network.

I experience same problem on 2 different machines.

Please provide solutions ASAP.