High Resolution Classical file sources

(My apologies if this is in the wrong area… not streaming but buying.)

I have a large collection of CDs (and a few old LPs and cassettes) of Classical music… everything from ancient chant/‘Early’ music (plainchant, polyphony), Renaissance, Baroque, C19th/C20th, and contemporary. Chamber, opera, concerto, symphonic, electronic, solo etc.

I have resisted the trend towards streaming and High Resolution music files for years because I have not wanted two cataloguing systems and two separate collections.

But now I can see the advantages of FLAC… even my ‘senior’ ears can hear a huge difference.

So I have now taken the plunge, bought Audirvana and subscribed to Primephonic for steaming. So far so good.

But which studio/master quality, High Resolution sites, sources and vendors would classical music lovers recommend, please, as the most comprehensive and easiest to search navigate (no mention of ‘Songs’ unless they are… Lieder, chansons and ‘Piotr Ilyitch Tchaikovski’ is not an ‘Artist’ etc!) specifically where I can buy, download (and install in Audirvana), please?

Thanks so much in advance for your suggestions!

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