Highresaudio Virtual Vault

I cannot play my download I Robot 24/64 kHz Stereo:
“Es konnte keine Audiodatei für die Wiedergabe geöffnet werden”

Do you have some more info?

  • What file format did you download (MP3, FLAC, WAV etc.)?
  • 24/64 Khz is a sample rate I never heard of. Do you mean 24/44.1 Khz?
  • Are you streaming HRA VirtualVault through Audirvana or are you trying to play the downloaded files from your local library?

Try first playing the download with another player than Audirvana on your computer. If it does not play on that other player also the download is corrupt. In that case try to download it again and if that does not help contact the seller (HRA?) of the album.
Also if this is the only download you can not play and all your other music plays OK, then it also seems there is something wrong with the download.

Also check if you placed your download in a location where it is reacheable by Audirvana.