HiRes dropouts over powerline

Hello everyone. My first post!

I am running the trial of Audirvana 3.2.5 on a MacBook Pro (OS 10.13.3) into my DNLA device (Naim ND5-XS network streamer) over my home network. My main reason for doing this is so that I can use Qobuz, which Naim does not support.

I originally tried connecting over wifi which worked until I tried playing hires FLACs, when there was a lot of quite severe dropout from music stored on my Synology NAS. This wasn’t surprising as the same thing happened before I used Audirvana. So I tried connecting the MacBook to the network via ethernet over mains (powerline). This will work with the Synology streaming directly to the Naim streamer; hires files up to 24/192 will play without any problem. Sadly this is not the case when playing via Audirvana - I still get the same dropouts as I did when playing over wifi.

I don’t really understand why this happens and I’m beginning to think it may be due to the poor general quality of powerline networks. But it works with everything I have except Audirvana! If anyone has an ideas I would be grateful to hear. At the moment it would appear that Audirvana is not going to work for me, which is a shame because it seems to work well in all other regards.

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if i understand this correctly, your Macbook is connected via Wlan to your network. Wich means you recieve and send music to the same time via Wlan. You receive hires via wlan and send hires simultaneously via wlan
Well, in this case WLan wont work, Connect your mac via LAN, this should solve the problem