HLConvolver VST3/AU plug-in not working without Realtime enabled

Similar issue as others have reported. In the case of HLC, without realtime control enabled there is no sound output at all.

Tested on Audirvana Studio and Origin on Mac and Studio on Windows. All latest versions of Audirvana and OS.

@Antoine I have sent you the debug logs via PM.

Edit. Some additional info. The above tests and logs was using a Topping E30 USB DAC.

For UPnP using an Ultrarendu. Tested on Audirvana Studio with real time mode turned off.

On Windows, it takes about 30 to 50 seconds from the time play is pressed and before sound is audible, with the front part of the track cut off. However, the audio is bypassing convolution. Turn realtime back on and audio starts right away, but convolution is bypassed.

On Mac, takes about 30 seconds to hear audio from when play is pressed. But now convolution is working. Turn realtime on, audio starts right away, but convolution is bypassed.

So for UPnP, on Windows convolution is bypassed, but works on the Mac when realtime mode is off.

Updated logs sent along with a convolution filter with all the high frequencies rolled-off so one can easily tell if convolution is working or not.

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I can confirm: HLC is bypassed when using UPnP, This used to work a few Audirvana versions ago.
My setup is Audirvana Studio 2.6.2 + HLC no upsampling > UPnP > Rose RS130 streamer > Leaf CMD27 DAC.

I am having a similar issue. HLC is bypassed if I do not have real time enabled. I’m using ASIO drivers so no network stuff going on at all. HLC is also processing at the upsample rate if I have that turned on. Shouldn’t the upsampling be taking place after the vst processing? At least that’s how it’s shown in the signal flow.

I’m on a windows 10 machine. Usb out to an RME ADI-2 PRO and Geshelli JNOG2S.

Hi @Mitchco,

I’m reviving the thread about the real-time issue you mentioned. I’m focusing on the macOS version first.

Here is my setup:
Audirvāna Studio 2.7 with real-time mode, using my MacBook Pro Speakers playing a TIDAL Hi-Res track
HLC Audio Unit v1.2.0 with the HF_Rolloff_65536_taps96.wav loaded

I can hear a change in the audio playing if I click on the ByPass button so I assume the convolution is working, right?

Hi Antoine,

Great! Thank you for taking a look. Yes, you have convolution working.

You can load the filterset.zip file that contains all of the filters and the convolver will automatically load the matching sample rate .wav based on Audirvana’s host sample rate.

My setup Audirvana Studio 2.9, Mac mini M1, Sonoma 14.1.2 playing local tracks to a Topping E30.

With realtime control engaged, the convolver is in the signal path and working.

With the convolver engaged with a filter, but with realtime control turned off, produces no sound output.

I know you are sexy, but, can you give me the link to Studio v2.9 ?

Ok, joking, don’t stay with old Sonoma…
With macOS usually first stable version is like .3 version,
update to last and see… might won’t change anything, but
.3 version and later seems like more stable version… :slight_smile:

I have the same behavior; I will need to check this with Damien as soon as possible.

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i am using HL convolver plugin and will get distortorted output, if i turn off Realtime control i get No sound output .this has been going on for months no help from AV !!

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