Holo May DAC, DSD512

Cannot get playback at DSD512 with the Holo May, although it is capable of PCM1536/DSD1024. From a MacBook Pro. No problem with the Denafrips Ares II: excellent playback at DSD512. What could be causing this?

You can’t play 512, 1024 on a Mac, it stops at dsd256, except if your machine as a special driver for it. Not 100% sure :grinning:

Hello there. As I said, there are spectacular results with the Denafrips DAC. DSD512 is half the maximum rate for both these DACs. It does seem that there is a particular issue with the Holo May DAC. Perhaps there are others with experience of the Holo May or the Holo Spring 2 on a Mac?

You need to check if the Holo May supports DSD512 over DoP. Maybe it’s just supported over Native DSD.

The PCM sample rates that it supports are not a guarantee that a certain DoP sample rate will be supported.