Horrible customer service, addressed to Damien3

Below was my note to “Damien3” which bounced back as a non-responsive link. I tried with no success to get my original issue resolved (hung up on “loading first track”) to which Damien3 suggesting trying the ill-tested Studio version. ??? Well, I did it and now can’t search for new music on Tidal via AV Studio. Any help would be great as clearly AV will not support me.

"After of weeks of no music via AV (couldn’t get past the “loading first track” hang up), I deleted the existing AV program (3.5?) and downloaded ill-tested Studio on your suggestion. It is a very confusing UI and I can’t for the life of me find a way to search for new recordings from Tidal on it… there is no “search bar” to enter the recording I am looking for. Where is it?

Damien, I note that you are the one and only person that ever responds to customer inquiries, both to me and others the AV user forum. Are you a one-man show or are there others posting under “Damien3”? I don’t want to seem harsh, but I have never found a company that has worse customer service than AV and I will include the USPS as a means of comparison. You seem to farm out your customer concerns to a cadre of users rather than addressing them directly. I appreciate the SQ of AV, but your customer service is
deplorable, worst in class by far. To my understand, it is not possible to “talk” to someone at AV? Can you confirm that understanding? Maybe JRiver and Amarra would be more customer friendly?

To contact the support team directly, write to support@audirvana.com.

Many thanks for helping out an old fool – you solved my problem! Would you suggest that I delete Studio and re-load v3.5? Thanks again, you made my day!

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Okay, I have sent them countless email trying to resolve my hangup with “loading first track” and never got any useful help, other than to try the "Studio version.

There are few possible reasons leading to this issue. Are you still having this problem?

I never got a response as to the hanging up problem so I deleted 3.5 and downloaded Studio. Might I be advised to dump Studio and re-download v3.5? All was fine before the the hanging up on first track problem which rendered my digital files and Tidal unavailable. I sure appreciate any help you can provide. Mark

You don’t have to trash anything the two versions can be installed together,
they don’t use the same name database, don’t have the same name in applications folder…
and they have different names in the preferences folder too :slight_smile:

here is the 3.5.46 Mac link if you want it:

Was thinking about deleting this post, but might help someone on Mac :slight_smile:

Hi Bitracer

Just a thought…you should reach out to Damein3 and offer your services as a mod. You obviously know the product and are a really good supporter as well, I think he could use you on his team. He obviously needs some help with this forum, a bit of customer service can go a long way. Perhaps a free subscription to you for your services.


Before doing more work, you need to decide if you’re going to go with Studio or you prefer to stick with 3.5. The reason you’re experiencing this issue is probably the same for both versions.

This could be related to your Tidal subscription, networking issue or your DAC.

Heya, do you happen to have a link for the Windows version of 3.5 as well? Seems they have trashed the original link as I can no longer download the Windows version through the saved e-mail which contains my serial and download link.

Go to the official Audirvana Web page. Click on the hamburger menu in the top left. From the menu click ‘Assistance’. You have to scroll down a bit, but then you will find a topic about ‘legacy versions’. There you will be provided with the most recent working links for 3.5 (for Mac and Windows).

Thanks man :slight_smile: Just wished the Windows version would be downloadable as a normal setup file.

I feel you, but that is not possible, because it is a Windows store (UWP) app. Those are not in the *.exe format anymore.

But I fully agree. For programs I bought I’d rather would have a copy on a backup drive as well.
But in the end, with Audirvana, it does not matter, because 3.5 has to ‘phone home’ every time you start it up (to check your license). So if the company bellies up or (for whatever reason) decides to not support 3.5 anymore an installable copy will not help either.