HouseCurve Room Correction

Hi, I have used HouseCurve room and system correction software in Roon and have noticed an improvement in sound. I prefer the quality of sound coming from Audirvana over Roon, and want to try the HouseCurve correction in Audirvana. I have read the in app help, this community advice but I am still stuck. It suggested loading the correction files onto my computer which I have done. They are files ending in .wav. Also, as I understand from HouseCurve they are convolution files. Audirvāna does not see any files when looking at the Audio Units effects function.

Do these files work, or does the HouseCurve app somehow need to be connected to Audirvāna. Any help greatly appreciated. HouseCurve made a significant improvement to Roon and I’m hoping it might have similar benefits in Audirvana. Thanks

If the .wav files are FIR filters then you need a convolution engine Audio Units plugin of some kind… I use the HangLoose Convolver with FIR filters created via REW and RePhase… They run here on Audirvana and other places like Roon…

I would suggest you reach out to the author of the HouseCurve app and/or Mitchco at Hang Loose Convolver (HLC) - Accurate Sound to see if there is a match, which I think there is…

In the spirit of full disclosure, I have no connection to any of these companies or their products other than being a happy end user…

Many thanks for the advice. I have sent a message off to the HouseCurve developer and will have a look at the HangLoose option. I will let you know how I get in, and thanks again.

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Your welcome and good luck…

I’m using the free plugin “Convology XT” accessed as an Audirvana audio unit. In the housecurve app at file export select impulse responce. It will be a wav file. Send it to your computer. Then in Convology XT goto file browser and select it.

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Many thanks for the info. I have downloaded and installed Convology XT but I can’t find where it installed to be able to open it.

I have been able to save .wav files from House Curve but as above, I’m not sure hoe to find or open Convology. Any idea where it installs? It isn’t in the apps folder.

Preferences, Processing click on the little Gear icon… Select the Plugin from the list, then Configure… If you are using Upnp you will not have a realtime GUI display while playing content… You will have to click the little Lock icon to disable excusive audio mode…

After downloading Convology xt (vst version) and running the installer it appeared in the audio unit list in audirvana preferences. I’m using a mackbook pro, it may be different on a windows pc.

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