How are Ratings handled internally and tagged?

I’m a new user and am in the process right now of scanning my library into Audirvana. My existing audio files (tracks) all have ratings coded 1-5 and are visible as 1-5 stars in J River Media Center. In Audirvana, they are showing up as 20/40/60/80/100 in my track list and 1-5 stars in the Ratings filter. Is this what is supposed to happen (eg vs showing up in the track list as 1-5 stars, as expected). It would be a huge problem for me if the values are being changed in my audio file tags to 20-100 instead of the current 1-5.

Can someone please clarify how this works?

it is tagged… you can try one or couple of your albums and see first…
In album view, you can add an heart to the cover… but in tracks it is stars.

Thanks for your reply. Odd, that my display looks different in that ratings are shown as integers, not stars. This is true regardless of whether I am in track view or album. Hence my concern as the integers are 20/40/60… vs 1-5. Only the filter shows stars. I dont want my audio file rating tags to be changed to 20/40/60…

Is there something I am doing (or not doing) that leads to this?
Thanks again for anyone’s help

Me i dont rate. i just clicked one song to show you, and add the rating field in the window.

Hello @thup,

Can you make a screenshot of what you are describing?

Here’s a screen shot. Hope it shows up correctly

Thank you for the screenshot, it’s a bug that we can reproduce on our side, we will fix it in a future update of Audirvana.

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