How can I do this?

I just downloaded the latest trial Studio, and I am wondering if there is a way to select by Major Folder in local.

Example: I have all my 5.1 Hi-Rez music in one main folder and would like to be able to select 5.1, so i can easily just listen to hi-Rez 5.1 (instead of having to go to my hdd to find which albums are 5.1 to play.

I also have Hi-Rez stereo albums, in addition to my regulars cds.

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My guess would be that you’ll try out the Edit Filter options.

First select Local → Tracks on the left side menu.

Then click on the Edit Filters icon in the top menu. It looks like a funnel that you’ll use to put oil into your car’s engine.


Now in the new window that opens up you can set up filters to sort out your music collection.

These include options like file types, sample rates, bit depths etc.
Add these filters, and you can also tailor them even further to your need. For example if available, you can set bit depth to 24 bit, and sample rate to 192 kHz. Now AS will only show the files in the track list which match those criteria.

You then have the option to add that music to a playlist if you like.


I tried it, and it worked, but is there a way to save the filters? I would like to be able to click on one under Local, and have it display all that meet that requirement…without having to go in and make a new one for each criteria.

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That I don’t know. It would be very useful indeed.

If you create a smart playlist you can do that:

Click on this icon to open the playlist manager:


Then click on this icon to create a new smart playlist:


you then need to open the filter editors and here you can do whatever filter you want.

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