How can I play local Qobuz music files with Audirvana?

I saved all my Qobuz playlists for offline usage, but I cannot find an option within Audirvana to choose local music in Qobuz ?

So Audirvana only plays Qobuz with an internet connection that streams online music from Qobuz.

Is this a missing function of Audirvana ? Thanks in forward for any answer !

Hello @Olivero, all of the information and music you got are from Qobuz and their music partners and they don’t allow us to implement this kind of feature since those music partner and Qobuz didn’t sign an agreement for it.

Hello @Antoine, thank you for your answer that leads to an other question: how can purchased HD-Files from Qobuz be played with Audirvana ?

You need to find the downloaded files and map the folder where the files are located in Audirvana.

Thank you for the information

No prob. This will only work for the non DRM protected files. You can add to Audirvana only the files you purchase from Qobuz.

Add your downloads to Favorites and it will be selectable in Audirvana

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