How do I add a third computer?


I am a future audirvana user. I have two computers at the moment. A windows 10 laptop and a macbook air. I use the windows laptop on my desk and plan to use it as main audirvana computer. The macbook air I had is primarily for bed time web surfing + remote control for the audirvana installed in windows.

By the end of this year, I will add a network player + server which is based on windows 10 for second audio setup in the livingroom. If I want to add this device an audirvana license, and keep the license for the desk setup + macbook air, how do I add a third license on the future network player? Buy another audirvana license? or do you offer third computer license for a price?

Hello @talkskiwon, what do you mean by remote control for the Audirvana installed in Windows 10?

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