How do I add album art to local FLAC files?

How do I add album art to local FLAC files in AS 1.8.8?

Can’t find anywhere the option to add artwork.


Have you tried simply putting the image file in the same folder as the audio files?
dBpoweramp, which I use for ripping CDs to FLAC, names the jpegs ‘Folder’, and I’ve left the names like that.
This is in Audirvana 3.5, but I dare say it should also work with AS.
3.5 simply ‘sees’ the image file, I haven’t had to do anything else.


It’s not on the track that you do it, you need to do it on the album and all of the traacks in the album will have the same picture.

Hey, thanks! I found it. In hindsight, it makes total sense, but it wasn’t obvious last night!

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