How do I add "Recently Added" tab to the sidebar?

Hi Folks:

Before a catastrophic crash, my previous copy of Audirvana 3.2 used to display a “Recently Added” tab in the left-hand sidebar, near the playlists. Since I reinstalled A+, I’ve not been able to find a way to put it back. It’s a really useful feature for me…Can anyone help? Any and all advice gratefully accepted.


It is a playlist i think like if you look at the A+ window on the manual…
Go to left sidebar and at the bottom, click the + sign and add a ‘‘smart playlist’’.
Name it ‘‘Recently add’’ or whatever you want, mine is in french :slight_smile:
Then right click on it choose Edit…and add criteria like mine… 1 week, 1 month, you choose :slight_smile:
Then when it is set up, go to file menu in the A+ menubar and Export that playlist in a folder "playlists’’ on your Mac,
then if a bug happen again you can go there again and Import the playlist.

Terrific… thanks so much. I have no idea how I managed to end up with a Recently Added playlist in my previous version… I certainly didn’t do any of that, but Hey! whatever works… Thanks again for your help…