How do I calculate dynamic range?

I recently upgraded to Audirvana 3.5. In previous versions there was a function by which dynamic range for albums and tracks could easily be calculated - how do I do that with 3.5? Thanks

Audio Settings menu when Clicking Audirvana in menu bar or the speaker icon on bottom right of window… select your dac there and go bottom of window to see the replay gain

Thanks! After the analysis is finished, where is the measured value reported in the program? Sorry for the stupid questions but it’s not obvious …

Right Click there to get the menus you want… you can drag those columns like you want too

When you see your Album covers for exemple, click one then click the tag icon on the right of the window to see some first option without clicking a song… you can do the replain gain there too… then you can click one song and edit it in the same panel, or cmd a (select all) to do the taging for all that CD… enjoy :slight_smile:

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This is super helpful - thanks!!