How do I connect wirelessly to network devices in AS?

I’ve only ever used AS locally on my Mac. I have various audio devices around the house connected to my local network. They support various protocols (e.g. Bluetooth, Airplay, DLNA, etc). How can I ‘see’ then from my AS desktop app to stream music to them?

Normally, they should appear in the list of devices by clicking on the small loudspeaker icon at the bottom right of the UI, and by selecting “wifi” in the “network” menu.

Hello @TazLondon,

It depends on the connection used but you should see them here for UPNP/DLNA for example:

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If it’s a Bluetooth speaker you wish to connect to. Have macOS connect to it through it’s Bluetooth options in System Preferences. After the connection is made, then you can select the speaker in Audirvana’s Output Device Selection.

That’s how my MacBook Air connects to my Presonus monitors in the living room.

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