How Do I Control Synching?

I’m brand new to Audirvana and of course I have some question. I have a large music library (approximately 300k files) spread out over two 3tb spinning drives. I spent the better part of 24 hours synching the library but it finally loaded all of the tracks. Everything seems to work fine for a period of time until synching starts up again and dominates my system (100% CPU usage). I’m using the first method of synching in the preferences where both volumes show up with a green AUTO next to a Sync button. After the initial sync I did some library maintenance (tossed duplicates in the Finder) and shortly after is when the syncing started again. Is this because anytime there is a change on the drive Audirvana detects it and starts syncing again? If so, how can I make synchronizing a manual option that I can do perhaps overnight?

Load your hard drive after Audirvana is open. Mine sometimes Loads Some seconds after Audirvana is already open And shows manual sync instead of auto… don’t know other way now

Hmmmm…how does that work? Remove them from the monitored folders panel and then close the app? Wouldn’t it start the (very long and painful) re-synching process again when I added them back?

No, eject them, open Audirvana, load them

Music will Play, but just sync when you will click sync

I still don’t understand, sorry. Eject them using the disc utility or some such thing? That seems a little extreme and frankly I’m not sure they will mount again without restarting my Mac. They’re SATA drives mounted in a tower.

They are drives appearing on desktop? Cmd e or right click eject, then open audirvana, open disk utility, click that drive on left and say mount. Leave audirvana open. Try, then if not working, just reboot normally.

Success! Thanks RunHomeSlow. Is it your experience that I’ll need to do this workaround every time I reboot Audirvana? Also, am I correct in assuming that the app detects changes on the drive and synchs when in AUTO mode?

Yes it detects changes

Don’t reboot Audirvana :grinning:

Dang…I guess we’ll just have to see how that goes.