How do I enable R8Brain?

I’ve seen several posts referring to R8Brain. I cannot see this option in my Upsampling settings. Is R8Brain only available on certain hardware? I’m running a 2017 iMac with macOS Big Sur.

Are you using Studio or 3.5? R8Brain is not an option in 3.5

I’m using Audirvana Studio. I see SoX upsampling options only. No R8Brain.

So no R8Brain in this menu?

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Oh, I see it now!!! Thank you very much.

One other question that might be related to this: is Kernel Streaming Mode something I have to enable in AS or does AS run automatically in Kernel Streaming Mode?

As I know KS is a Windows thing. Just posted a question about this: Question about Kernel Streaming

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I am not a Windows user. But I would expect it to be at the DAC input. A choice between ASIO, Wasapi and KS.

Okay, I’m using a Mac so it won’t be an option.

Thanks to everyone that helped. After trying out R8Brain for a while today, I prefer the sound of no oversampling. With R8Brain I found that the sound felt a little compressed and flat.