How do I get the main window back after minimising it?

I can’t figure out how to get the main Audirvana window to appear after minimising during play back on a Mac.

The problem is that the window does not appear in the Window menu. I can minimise it and restore it when Audirvana is stopped, but when it’s playing or paused and I minimise it I can’t get it back. There’s no Window menu item to click and clicking the app icon does nothing.

I suspect that this may be something to do with the fact I have two plugins running. Because when in playback mode, the windows for those two plugins minimise and restore as you would expect. But Audirvana’s main window is a no-show. I have to stop play back to restore it and whilst the plugins appear on the Window menu, it does not.

Hi @DerekClarkson

Top right of that minimised windows use the X to close and main windows opens.


Hi Phil, not sure what you are talking about. I can’t get to the minimised window.

I’ve also discovered that if I minimise then plugin windows, then clicking the dock icon will restore the Audirvana window as expected. So this appears to be a bug in the way Audirvana manages plugin windows. Like the code that runs when you click the icon checks to see if there are any windows displayed and on finding a plugin window visible, decides not to restore the main window.

Are you talking about minimising Audirvana completely… back into dock?

Yes back into the dock using the little minimise button next to the close button on the top left. Or present cmd+M

Actually the minimising might not be a bug. But not having the Audirvana main window in the window list of the Window menu is. It needs to be there so it can be restored.

I see what you mean. I have to go back to my Audirvana which I’ve optioned to stay in dock permanently.

Do you have this issue without using the plugins? Can you share some screenshots while you have the issue?

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