How do I reinstall audirvarna after uninstalling? I had a crash?

How do I reinstall Audirvana . After uninstalling,I’m sorry I am a dummy when comes to computers ? Well most tech !! But when I download program says I am already registered. Which is true , so which way do I go I am enjoying Audirvana, slowly learning ? But now ??? Thanks

Hello @Skiramp, which version of Audirvana are you using?

I am using what I think is the latest version only downloaded approximately two months ago .

I mean are you using the Windows 10 or the MacOS version?

Sorry , Windows 10 it would not go back to main screen weather I pressed quit or the other one

Hi , so please explain , do I download the 30 day free trial again and put in my activation code or do you wipe my details out and I start again and put in the code I have ? Surely there is a simple solution ???

You just need to install Audirvana and if you have a window when you launch it that ask you to enter a license key then you need to use your license key here.

Ok I put in my information, it says you already are registered , and sweet F all happens ??? Am I missing something?

Do I go into the buy section ? Do I get charged again ? Please explain install sequence ? Thankyou. I said I am a tech. Dummy !!!

i sent you a private message with the link to download Audirvana for Windows 10. you need to click on your profile picture in the forum and you’ll see a little green point.

I give up mate , no bloody green point !!!