How do I use Music Integrated Mode?

I really like some of the advanced audio playback features of Audirvana, but it’s UI and library management leave much to be desired. I read online about Music Integrated Mode using Music (formerly iTunes) as a frontend. I can’t for the life of me figure out how to use this. When I click the button, it opens Music, but there is nothing there. Do I have to add the files to Music like I would without Audirvana, and if so, how would I play DSD? I would really appreciate the community’s help on this one. Thanks in advance.

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You want less trouble, forget Music by Apple…
load a folder of your music into Audirvana… the best, not the folder of Apple in your home folder…

add it with + sign, let it sync completely before trying to play with windows, columns or play music.
go to preferences and sort your albums and tracks like you want…

then add playlist if you want you have the tag editor on the right of main window… then at bottom the speaker icon is for your DAC settings… click the arrow on the right of you dac…

Have fun :slight_smile:

That doesn’t help me, or answer my question.

Yes, you add the files to Apple Music, if you want to use Apple Music as library management software. In Audirvana you just select “Music integrated mode (legacy)” from the menu. When you do that, Apple Music will play through Audirvana.

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You can’t play DSD files through Apple Music. You need to import those to Audirvana library like @RunHomeSlow explained above.

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