How much bandwidth does Audirvana needs to send 192Khz songs to an UPNP device?

Hi, I’m testing Audirvana right now, and I have no problem playing all the music files on my iMac, even thought the music library is hosted on a Network HDD. But I don’t sit In front of my computer very often, so I would use Audirvana to send the music to my analog stereo via Raspberry Pi with Ropieee XL and an external DAC. I already ordered the RPI and it will get here this week.

But right now, I can only test it with the only device Audirvana sees as a renderer, and that’s my Integra AV receiver, and I can send my music to it, the first time I tried it, it worked, for about two hours, but then, some songs started to stutter, like they pause or stop sounding for a millisecond, and then continue. And it gets worse if I select a 192Khz song, so I’m thinking it has to do with bandwidth.

How much bandwidth does it take to send a 192Khz to an UPNP or DNLA device? I mean, I have no problem playing the same file on my iMac or even my iPhone o iPad using a DNLA player. But if it’s not bandwidth, what else could it be?

Maybe my receiver’s network system is terrible, which it might be, because it’s kind of old, Integra 30.6. And I do have a Mesh wifi network, it’s not all wired.

I’m gonna make more tests when the RPi gets here, and I hope I have no problem playing music to it.
I really hope I can get it working, or I’ll have to use Volumio on that RPi and connect the HDD directly to it.

At 24/192 resolution the needed bandwidth is 24x192x2=9408 kb/s … less than 10Mb/s and a wired lan is at least 100Mb/s so it is unlikely a lan bandwidth issue.
I could find the specs of your Integra 30.6 and the Ethernet port is rated at 10/100baseT, it should work.
Different story if you are going wireless, much less stable and not recommended for high rates as 24/192.
To narrow the issue try to simplify your lan, remove all switches and/or repeaters/extenders as possible and check if the issue disappears.

Thank you!

Yeah, o think it’s my LAN, it’s a tri-Band linksys Velop system. So, it’s mostly wireless, but it gives me more than 500mbps. Although sometimes it can be a little unstable. I have them on bridge mode, so they just extend the original network, and I don’t have a problem playing games or watching 4K streams, even watching two or three 4K streams at the same time on different devices. Now that I remember it did started after one of my Velop Nodes went offline, it wasn’t one that’s connected to the computer or the receiver, but I think that messed up my network.

I’m gonna keep testing it this weeks that the trial last, and see if it’s reliable enough. Otherwise I would need a music system that won’t rely on the network, at least to access the music.

Thanks again.

Another thing to try could be to connect a switch to the nearest Velop node and connect all your music related hardware to the switch.
In this way all the music traffic will be wired

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My RPi arrived yesterday and installed Ropieee XL, and works a lot better than to my AV receiver, have absolutely no issues. It’s a lot quicker.

But I also installed Volumio to test it out, and it sound better through Volumio than Ropieee XL, at least in my system.
And also Volumio gives me what I want, and don’t have to leave my computer running all the time. That’s the biggest con Audirvana has, you need a full fledge computer as a server. So I have to keep my iMac running at all times, not with Volumio, just point that to my network drive and I can stream music through it.

I’m still undecided, but I think I’ll go with Volumio, don’t like to keep my computer on at all times, maybe when I get a dedicated server I’ll get Audirvana or ROON, but right now, Volumio does what I need without a huge investment.

Thanks for everything!