How much RAM is best? v3.5 only

Quick question that hopefully someone can answer that has already tried it. Does the move from 8 GB to 16 GB of RAM make a substantial difference when either playing songs or updating one’s library.

I asked, because when I update my library it takes about 30 minutes on 8 GB of RAM.

I should add that my machine runs nothing but A3.5 in Kiosk mode, the PC is completely stripped down in apps and processes.

I don’t think it matters for playing songs, unless you run many other apps on your computer in the same time.

I use a 8 GB M1 Mac Mini, a 16 GB Dell, a 16 GB Intel MacBook Pro, a 4 GB Intel MacBook Pro. They play all files formats with all the compatible players for their OS, including Audirvana.

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How about for when you add new music? Does it add and index faster with more RAM then?

I used AS during its trial period. It was with my 16 GB i7 MacBook Pro. The analysis of the tracks was very slow then. But I don’t think that more RAM would have made it faster.


It is not necesary to use the library. I grow up with playlists and “drag and drop”. You can make playlists, add tracks and albums to favourites and play any folder or track you want instantly when you want without waiting for all the annoying synchronizations. The key is to be very well organized with proper tagging and proper folders/file mames, in a logical way, no matter what.

I’m very willing to subscribe for a month to try AS again with my new streamer, DAC and amp.
Now, I just wait for this annoying analysis to become optional. A trial of a month is a short period, and I don’t want to struggle with it again.

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Please everyone, the specific question is only about version 3.5. I like a lot of others we’re not willing to pay to listen to my music year after year after year.

Obviously it’s a good time to buy ram right now, and all I want to know is if going from 8 to 16 GB of RAM speeds up the addition of new music.

What slows you with A3.5 are bugs not RAM.

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You can try with drag snd drop. Like with HQPlayer, without using the library. Do you think it’s not an option? Why not? For example now I re-organize my entire music collection but I’m a bit lazy, today few folders, tomorrow none (nanual). So why to give extra work to my hardware with that sync? Even when I will have a better comp I will not do this.

I don’t need another player that I will use like HQPlayer. And I stopped using HQPlayer on my main system, because I bought a R-2R DAC, so upsampling does not bring any benefit anymore.

I want to try AS for its new feature of folders browsing.

Understand. I use AS primarly for its sound. All the rest are less important for me. Maybe I will use the library in the future. Now I use drag and drop, favorites, browsing/searching Qobuz plus rarely radios and podcasts. It’s ok for me for the moment. After all my local music will be well organized I will can play anything without search in a few seconds with any player. And then I wii build the library, I understand it’s cool and useful to have all in the player.

If it was only for sound quality, I wouldn’t need any player for my computers.
The players of the streamer sound much better than all of them.

Understand. For me AS sounds best, I have a simple USB DAC as you know. With Roon the sound is worst and I don’t need its functions + it’s expensive. Qobuz sounds worst and slutterings occures because of my poor PC, but with AS sounds great without any sluttering if I don’t do too much things on PC while listening (I have optimized my Windows with various tools + it’s Enterprise LTSC, works as fast as Windows 7 on an old computer. On a newer simply flies).

More ram is always better, open faster, load faster, copy faster… won’t play faster :slight_smile:
i never used the default ram for my computers, 16gb was always the lowest even for Audirvana or others music players and i don’t upsample. They always give you the barely minimum, and when you change system… it is better to have more.

i have 20gb on my Mac Mini for Audirvana, and 40gb on my main iMac for graphic design. CPU counts also, but more ram is always better, no question. I never bought Apple RAM for sure… WAY MUCH OVERPRICED… don’t know for PC, but if cheap, go for it… but you won’t get a Ferrari, passing 8gb to 16gb remember that :slight_smile:

One can simply use Taskmanager or one of the utilities of Windows Sysinternals suite to check what’s going on in the PC…

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Hello @Mesonto,

Where your music is stored? Is it on a NAS? How much tracks you have in your library?

On a NAS and about 50k tracks.

It is about 500GB or more of storage?

more than 2tb with other files like artwork

What is being difficult when you have a folder that big is to properly identified the file that have been changed. This is why Audirvana need to do the scan of your library and take so much time. It needs to identified the files that have been move, changed or removed and need to do this with all of the tracks synchronized in your NAS folder.