How often is Audirvana updated?


I’m evaluating Audirvana, and it’s working great to stream Tidal to my Chord Poly & Mojo.

Before I decide to buy, could anyone confirm how often the software typically gets updated please?

I’ve seen a link to the release notes in another thread, but they don’t contain release dates, so it’s not possible to see how frequently those updates were released.

I’m trying to get a feel as to how actively it is developed and updated, and how long the 3.5 license will last for.

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Typically every few months.

thank you @bitracer !

Updated today… 3.5.39 :grinning:

Bear in mind that the licensing model will change in the near future. It might be advantageous to purchase the license before the change.

thanks @RunHomeSlow! got it…

Hi @bitracer; thanks for the heads-up… in what way is it likely to change? subscription model?

I don’t know, but it was hinted that they’re working on the licensing model change. Hopefully not, I’m not a fan of subscription model for this type of software.

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Thanks @bitracer; I’m not a fan either, it is the straightforward purchase model that attracted me to Audirvana over other products in the first place.

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Agreed. I refuse to rent software.
I can understand, obviously, that a streaming service can only work by subscription, so Qobuz stays.
I stopped using all Adobe photography products when they went the subscription route, and I would reluctantly do the same with Audirvana if they changed from the purchase model.


Same for me.
I absolutely dislike Roon and its subscription model. I really hope that Audirvana will not go this route. If Audirvana want to earn more money they should increase the costs for purchasing and not change to a subscription model.


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One of two reasons for using Audirvana is 1. Purchase, NOT rental madness, 2. the quality of it, the UI, and the freedom it representatives.

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