How often is Audirvana updated?


I’m evaluating Audirvana, and it’s working great to stream Tidal to my Chord Poly & Mojo.

Before I decide to buy, could anyone confirm how often the software typically gets updated please?

I’ve seen a link to the release notes in another thread, but they don’t contain release dates, so it’s not possible to see how frequently those updates were released.

I’m trying to get a feel as to how actively it is developed and updated, and how long the 3.5 license will last for.

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Typically every few months.

thank you @bitracer !

Updated today… 3.5.39 :grinning:

Bear in mind that the licensing model will change in the near future. It might be advantageous to purchase the license before the change.

thanks @RunHomeSlow! got it…

Hi @bitracer; thanks for the heads-up… in what way is it likely to change? subscription model?

I don’t know, but it was hinted that they’re working on the licensing model change. Hopefully not, I’m not a fan of subscription model for this type of software.

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Thanks @bitracer; I’m not a fan either, it is the straightforward purchase model that attracted me to Audirvana over other products in the first place.

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Agreed. I refuse to rent software.
I can understand, obviously, that a streaming service can only work by subscription, so Qobuz stays.
I stopped using all Adobe photography products when they went the subscription route, and I would reluctantly do the same with Audirvana if they changed from the purchase model.


Same for me.
I absolutely dislike Roon and its subscription model. I really hope that Audirvana will not go this route. If Audirvana want to earn more money they should increase the costs for purchasing and not change to a subscription model.



One of two reasons for using Audirvana is 1. Purchase, NOT rental madness, 2. the quality of it, the UI, and the freedom it representatives.


Complication usually is that programmers need to pay for a living. One time fees only work on continuous fairly high number of sales volumes. I suppose Audirvana has a narrow market afterall. So, if we want to have development to be continued, there would be no way around supporting for the long run. Actually, I thought even the one time fee was high, compared to iOS apps i.e.

Personally, I have been through this in the early days of mp3 and could fully understand. Software development is quite a tricky process.

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If a subscription model is the future, I hope the cost will be reasonable, especially now there is Spotify Hifi coming to the market with its great user interface and remote capability- and I’m sure more competition will follow.

Audirvana works well and sounds really good - a small regular fee to support its development would not be unreasonable.

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