How the Heart feature works (local & w/ Qobuz)

I am wondering just how the heart icon in Audirvana actually works.
When I am in Qobuz (meaning, search/play etc from Qobuz within Aud) none of the hearts are lit up as they are in the Qobuz app.

Do favorites only exist inside Aud itself? Meaning, they do not cross-update between Qobuz and Audirvana?

Also, it seems that no matter how many times I click the heart icon inside Aud to favorite something for Qobuz, eventually, when I go back to that artist/album for Qobuz the heart is unselected and I have to click it again.

This makes for a frustrating experience.

So… maybe @Damien or someone else in the know… can you please explain how this favorites feature works, why I do not see Qobuz “hearted” items in Audirvana, and what, if anything I could do to be using this feature more successfully? As it stands, I have been using the native Qobuz app more than Aud because of exactly this.

Thanks in advance for any help on this.


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