How to activate the discount for AS?

Apologies if this has already been answered before (I couldn’t find it).

As a longtime owner of Audirvana (from version 2 up to version 3.5), I am currently trying out the AS software and I like it a lot.

What is the process for getting a discount on the subscription cost? Does Audirvana Studio know that I own version 3.5 and will credit me automatically when I subscribe?

Thanks for replying. The only previous log in information I had was for this comment forum, and that did not work. So I had to create a new account.

All I had to do was open up my My Account. And the discount offer was there. Subbed last night :slight_smile:

SOLVED! Thanks for your help. It seems that when I created my new account for AS, my name and email was recognized. So when I went into my account, the discount offer was there.

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