How to buy Origin

To whom may concern
I’m using Origin free try for many days and intend to buy. My question is what is going on after the payment issued. You will send me a new code or some other way around? I am afraid not able to get your mail.


Alan Tang

You do not have to do anything after you buy Origin. You created a username (email adress) and password on the Audirvana site when you started to try Audirvana Origin. After payment you are known with that username and password and you simply can manage that in Origin. You can install Origin on as many computers as you want, but you can only use one at the time by signing in/out on that computer. See screenshot below.

After you clicked on ‘Manage your account’ you see the screen below.

After you logged in via the above screen you can see all the details of your purchase (including a license number). The license number is (as far as I know) only for reference. I never had to type it in.

So, simply use your username (email) and password. You only have to provide this the first time you start Origin. In your case your trial version will simply continue to work and after payment it will not be a trial anymore and show when your license is purchased (see first screenshot).

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