How to change the software output?


I use the RME UCX as an audio interface on Mac OS Mojave, and I used to use it with the output channels of Audirvana automatically set to output 1/2. However, I reviewed my system and prepared a separate AD/DA to connect to the UCX’s SPDIF, but I can’t change software output channel of Audirvana.
Can you tell me how to deal with this?

PS . I can listen to music with no problems except for Audirvana.

Hello @11140, do you mean you want to switch the channel used by your DAC in Audirvana?

Hi, @Damien3,

I want to switch the channel that outputs the audio from Audirvana. Currently it’s outputting from Out1/2, but I want to output it from SPDIF Out (Out7/8).

To change this you need to go in audio midi setup, select your output and then configure speakers. You will now be able to change the channels as your wish.