How to clean up extra tracks?

I had an album that I had ripped, but hadn’t yet added to my library. I listened to it a few times by dragging it to Audirvana Origin. I have since added it to my library. Now when I navigate to the album it shows every track four times. How can I clean up these extra tracks? I’ve tried all the Library Maintenance buttons in the settings.

Hi @ExternalErosion

I would

  1. delete all tracks.
  2. Empty trash.
  3. Reboot.
  4. Add album.

I’ve had to do this a couple of times after doing exactly what you did.

Let me know if it works.


Thank you. I bet you are right and I bet that works, but honestly that sounds like too much work. Hopefully the devs can come up with some other way of removing duplicate tracks.

Do you have cue sheets in your album folder?
You probably need to do as @philipjohnson recommends, this issue has been going on unresolved for a long while.

I unfortunately do not have any cue files. I use beets to manage my library and I don’t believe it supports them yet.

I’m currently doing an Audirvana Origin trial so the fact that this is apparently a known issue is a little bit of a bummer.

Just close Origin, delete the database file (in the library panel you can see where it is located), restart mac or pc, add a music folder, let it sync and voilà :grinning:

I never put or use the trash bin in Audirvana, just remove that Cd from where it is on the hard drive, and it disappear then from Audirvana library.

When it is loaded and all good, close Audirvana, and copy that database .sqlite file and save it as today backup. If a bug happen again, just close Audirvana and replace the faulty database by your newest backup…

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You don’t want cue sheets in your folder. I had a few albums that were wonky, pulled them to the desktop cleaned them up and put them back then all good. @RunHomeSlow gave me the advice on the technique and it was easy, if you just have a few give it a try perhaps. If it is a ton of them then follow what @RunHomeSlow suggested he knows more about the metadata database management than probably anyone :+1:t2:

Thanks, that worked, it also solved some other weird library issue I had where albums tracks were appearing in different identical albums. It also took an hour, but much less of my time :slight_smile: