How to correctly tag for multiple artists

Sometimes I see tags where multiple artists are separated by a semicolon.
Audirvana does not seem to recognize each artist as a separate entity unless they are separated by three semicolons.

Eg - “John Mayall;;;Eric Clapton” shows up in Audirvana as Eric Clapton, John Mayall - each with their own clickable entity to bring up anything else by that artist.

If the tag is “John Mayall, Eric Clapton” or “John Mayall; Eric Clapton” it shows up as one artist in Audirvana.

Is this correct? It seems from what I can read elsewhere that a single semicolon should be the standard tag for separating artist.

Can anyone shed some clarifying light on this topic for me?

For the sake of disclosure, I am on a Mac, running 10.15.1 Catalina, Audirvana 3.5.28 (3558), and use Yate 5.0.2 (8446.8438) to handle all my metadata tagging needs.

The ;;; to separate two artist is the standard. This is used to differentiate two artists and especially of the artiste have a , in his name. That’s why you need this kind of standard to prevent such problem.