How to delete phantom track

I renamed a track in iTunes which has resulted in TWO tracks in Audirvana, the correct one and a ‘phantom’ track with the old name. It seems that I can’t do anything with this zombie track; changes in iTunes affect the ‘real’ version. The metadata refers to a file in the Trash that doesn’t exist.
How do I delete it from the Audirvana database and UI?

To delete this file you need to left click on it in Audirvana and select “Delete”

Hi Damien, thanks for that. I felt dumb when I saw your reply but some testing has shown some inconsistencies here - if search is used to find an album/artist/track, the ‘delete’ item is greyed out. The UI demands that you locate the album through the artist or album view - which I never do as I have quite a large library.
Anyway, thanks for the help - I love Audirvana again as I don’t need to re-index my library to fix this little funny.
Thanks and regards,

You are right about it, this will be fixed in a future update of Audirvana.

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