How to delete tracks

Hello everyone.
I have just switched to Audirvana from iTunes but came to an issue in my library management.

My problem is that when I do not like the track that I am listening to and delete it in Audirvana, it remains in the folder in the NAS where the library is located.

Does this need that I have to delete the file manually in the NAS folder after having deleted it in Audirvana?? This could work for one track but would duplicate the process and be extremely cumbersome if there are 10, 20 or more tracks to delete after a few hours of listening…

Maybe I’m missing something? So any help appreciated!

Many thanks

welcome to the community.
I think this is a feature and it is made on purpose. Audirvana is a player not a file manager. It assumes that your folders and files are not to be touched on your PC.
Personaly I like this feature , it provides a safety net.
The counter part is that you need manualy to manage your data.

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Hi. I agree with AlainJ.
Also, I think Audirvana is easier than iTunes to delete. With iTunes you have to delete from iTunes then go to folder and physically delete if you wish. With Audirvana you simply delete from the folder/NAS and resync.

Thanks for the feedback.

Then I will have to manually delete tracks one by one in the folders when listening to tracks I do not want to keep.

I get the point that Audirvana is not a library manager and simply a player, but this is clearly not convenient at all when doing long sessions of listening and library clean-up.

Graham_G: in iTunes, when you delete a track from the library, you have the option to delete it either from the library only, or also from the folder (in NAS or on computer).
This means that each time you listen to a track you don’t like, you flag it as such, and every so often you delete all of these unwanted tracks at the same time from both the library and the folders.

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Hi. I’ve never seen that option (to physically delete the file) whilst deleting a track or album from iTunes. I must do some investigation!

@mans25 there is a Delete feature in Audirvana (backspace key or in one of the menus at the top).
IT often is greyed out for me, and i cannot explain why.
However, when it works, it works in 2 steps: first you delete and the track will disappear from the Library but not from the hard drive. Then you can go somewhere inside the Preferences (i forgot where but should be easy to find) or maybe it is in one of the top menus, and visualize your trashed tracks. There, you will find an option to “permanently” delete them, which means they will disappear from your NAS/HDD too. A good safety net, but not the most convenient indeed.

Also, have you noticed that when you delete a file from your NAS while Audirvana is open, sometimes it remains visible in the Library, and you can never make it go away? this is a bug some of us have found. THe workaround is to close Audirvana everytime you add of delete new files on your NAS, and then relaunch to re sync.