How to disable exclusive access in version 3.5?

I’m using Audirvana Mac Version 3.5.20 (3550). In the past I can set enable and disable exclusive access in version 3.2. But now I can not find any setting like that in version 3.5.

@rowanderer - Have you updated macOS to Sierra or High Sierra in the meantime? The issue with Sierra/High Sierra is that Apple has closed the access to a feature used by Direct Mode.

Sorry, I may used the wrong word. Actually I want to disable exclusive mode. I can find the setting in version 3.2 but couldn’t find any setting like that in version 3.5. And yes, I’m using Mojave.

Little speaker down right corner… see your dac, click arrow on right, it is there :grinning:

Thanks, I found it~~~

Is anyone else able to turn off Exclusive Access in v 3.5.33 on MacOS 10.15? I can’t change any of the four toggles under “Low level playback options”.

Audirvana is stopped?

It was stopped and I couldn’t change the settings. However, you asking that question made me try it again with a fresh open of the app, without playing anything first. I was then able to make the change.


I do not see it on Windows.

I only see the option to change my playback output, and my ‘ethernet’ network options.

Latest version of Audivana here