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The first image shown below is a screenshot of Audirvana on my M1 Mac mini. In the lower, left-hand side, you can see that “Words and Music” are by Stephen Sondheim. For some reason, Audirvana also adds Barbra Streisand’s name on this line. I assume that Audirvana doesn’t have enough room to display the “artist’s” name on a separate line. For some reason, Audirvana also is displaying the “album’s” name even though it is clearly visible in the album art.

The second image shown below is a screenshot of the Audirvana app on my iPad. Under the album art and the song title, Audirvana displays the album name in faint letters and displays the artist’s name in bright letters. Both of these items are clearly shown in the album art. Actually, I do not object to displaying the artist’s name because sometimes the album artist will be singing a duet with another singer. In that case, I would like Audirvana to display both names below the song title.

I thought the new app was supposed to let me control everything about Audirvana. Frankly, I would be more than happy if Audirvana once again allowed users to display the metadata we want to see on the iPad app, which was the case under version 3.5. I want to see the names of the composers and lyricists. Other users might want to see the names of the composers and conductors. Another option would be having the iPad app display the screen shown on our computer. Thanks.

Hi @Elephen,

Words and Music by Stephen Sondheim is the composer of the album?

Can you please take a screenshot of the metadata of this album?


Good morning.

Let me try to clear up some confusion. Stephen Sondheim was a composer and lyricist who wrote the words and music for the song, “Being Alive.” The last time I looked at the song’s metadata in Audirvana, I did not see separate spaces for adding the name(s) of the “composer” and “lyricist” or simply “songwriter.” Also, because I hate the way Roon often butchers these metadata, for songwriters, I simply write “Words and Music by [fill in the name of the songwriter].” In other cases, I might write “Music by Richard Rodgers - Words by Oscar Hammerstein II.” I would like to see that information displayed on my iPad when I am playing the song.

Do you really need to see the metadata for the entire album? If so, I will respond using my computer rather than my iPad. Thanks.

I would like to know if you put something in the composer metadata section on your computer.

Here are a couple of screenshots. The first screenshot shows the track list for “The Broadway Album” and, under “Composer,” shows me the name of the composer and lyricist for each song on the track list. I added that metadata to the songs when I had version 3.5 or prior version.

The second screenshot shows some album metadata that you requested.

Thank you, this is something we need to look to add to the Remote.

With Audirvana 3.5, my iPad remote displayed the following information below the album art, which is what I expected to continue experiencing when I purchased Audirvana Origin.

Yes! Not just on iPad!

I also find that the layout of the iPAD Remote in Album View is not laid out well. Sure it’s nice to see the cover at that size, but when it doesn’t leave room for the other information… In my screenshot, look at the Album Title or Song Titles, they are all compressed. I know in Mini-Player it’s not, but I don’t prefer Mini-Player. I spend a good deal of time using the program called META (great program!) to add all the metadata I can, using sources like discogs, allmusic, MusicBrainz, etc. Sad that not much of that is displayed.

Correction. Even in the Mini-Player the title of the album is compressed.
There is all kinds of empty space.

Hi guys, thank you for your comments; the more I use the iPad/Android version, the more it annoys me when I open an album/playlist.

We know we need to make some changes in this area, and this is the focus we will have for 2024 on the Remote.

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