How to display multiple composers in Audirvana

From time to time I have filled the field/tag Composer with two names.
For instance: “Lennon; McCartney” or “Johann Sebastian Bach; Ferruccio Busoni”.

Though the tag contains two names, Audirvana however displays only one name. How can I have Audirvana both names which the tag contains

Can you try using a comma instead or perhaps a forward slash instead of the semi colon?
Sometimes tags are finicky like that.

Just a suggestion.

Chime back in and let us know if it worked.

I’ve tried all three options.

When two values in the tag/field Composer are separated with a semi-colon the second name disappears.
When separated with a forward slash or comma the result is “Isaac Albéniz/Fritz Kreisler [Arr.]” without it being separate (i.e. clickable) names like when you name two artists.

It seems like a glitch to me, because with Artists it works fine