How to display multiple composers in Audirvana

From time to time I have filled the field/tag Composer with two names.
For instance: “Lennon; McCartney” or “Johann Sebastian Bach; Ferruccio Busoni”.

Though the tag contains two names, Audirvana however displays only one name. How can I have Audirvana both names which the tag contains

Can you try using a comma instead or perhaps a forward slash instead of the semi colon?
Sometimes tags are finicky like that.

Just a suggestion.

Chime back in and let us know if it worked.

I’ve tried all three options.

When two values in the tag/field Composer are separated with a semi-colon the second name disappears.
When separated with a forward slash or comma the result is “Isaac Albéniz/Fritz Kreisler [Arr.]” without it being separate (i.e. clickable) names like when you name two artists.

It seems like a glitch to me, because with Artists it works fine

The first screenshot indicates that the Artist tag contains two names and the Composer tag as well.

The second screenshot indicates that the two artists from the Artist tag are both displayed correctly in Audirvana, however the composer and textwriter in the Composer tag in Audirvana only display the first Audirvana

Then third screen shot indicates that I added the second composer name manually in the Audirvana Composer field and now all of a sudden it is displayed correctly.

The fourth screenshot indicates that the Composer tag of the file did not change

So I derive Audirvana is capable of displaying two names in the Composer field (if added manually), however Audirvana somewhere goes wrong in the reading and writing of the Composer tag in the Composer field.

I would appreciate any help in this respect since manually adding this information is nog do-able in a 60.000+ tracks database.

Sorry for not including the screenshots in one posting. However the forum settings allow only one image per posting

Meanwhile I found out that despite two names now being displayed in the Composer field, they are considered a single value (“Robert Schumann; Gustav Pfarrius”). In stead of two values (“Robert Schumann” + “Gustav Pfarrius”) meaning you cannot select these individually