How to play Dolby Atmos Tidal Tracks on my Denon AVR-X43000H


I just subcribed to Tidal HiFi/Master, as I hoped to play Dolby Atmos tracks on my Dolby Atmos enabled Denon Receiver.
So I thought, I’d install the Tidal app on my ChromeCast with Google TV, connect it via HDMI to my Denon and straight to music heaven…

Well, when I start a Dolby Atmos Track… nothing happens, stops immediately and no sound…
So apparently, the Tidal App on Google TV does not decapsulate the MQA stream and Denon doesn’t support MQA yet… end of story and end of dream. :frowning:

Then saw a post on an audioforum, that with Audirvana, you could connect to the Tidal service and via UPnP I would be able to stream the master files to my Denon, as Audirvana can decapsulate the MQA stream and send it pure to another device. So my hopes went up again…

So I installed Audirvana on my Mac Book and was able to stream music (in higher resolution the CD quality, some in 24/192)) to the Denon, but only Stereo… Dolby Atmos tracks only streamed in stereo.

Then I got the idea to connect my Macbook to the Denon via HDMI cable.
Audirvana saw then my Denon as 7.1 multichannel source…

So played a Dolby Track and it streamed as multi channel 7.1 to the Denon, who saw it coming in as PMC multichannel stream and it showed in the Denon App also as multi channel out put…
But yet, music only comes from the two main front speakers… in stereo…

So up till now, I have not found a way to play Dolby Atmos Tidal tracks on my Denon Receiver

(Netflix Dolby Atmos movies on my Google TV play in wonder 3D surround, so technically all is fine with the system).

Hope some one can help me realize this ? Or does anybody have another idea with out investing in another expensive extern DAC or Roon ?

Thanks and kind regards,


We are not Dolby Atmos compatible, this is why the output is sent in stereo. Tidal Support Atmos when you are using their mobile app with headphone, i don’t think it’s the same for the desktop app. You should ask them about it.

Are there any plans to support Atmos in the future? Either by bitstream support or decoding/downmixing to 5.1/7.1? Or is this not technically possible?

Although not related to Audirvana, just wanted to mention that Tidal Atmos Music will play properly using the Tidal app on AppleTV4K connected to my Marantz and Onkyo AVR’s. HTH

Are your AVRs Atmost compatible? Or TrueHD only?

In my case, both the Marantz (SR7013) and the Onkyo (TX-NR646) can do Atmos via TrueHD or DD+ w/MAT2.0 (LPCM on ATV).

Hello. You can get Atmos from your AVR. You can only do this by installing TIDAL on a device supporting ATMOS. In my case I installed Tidal on Nvidia Shield Pro 2019, which is connected to my AVR, and the Output of my AVR is connected to a TV supporting ATMOS as well. That way, it works. You can do this with APPLE TV as well as far as I know.