How to play music using a "direct" driver?

Hi !

Let me explain what I exactly mean …

In latest Studio version, I can only chosse between a WASAPI and an ASIO driver. Why can’t I choose a direct to device play mode, like choosing a Direct Sound/Windows driver ?

Thanks to tell me !


Is direct sound more direct than WASAPI?

If I need Direct Sound it is because of another software used for my headphones, it is only working with DirectSound drivers …


If I understand correctly, you are using software to be able to apply DSP for the headphones. And this software only has Directsound as its ‘input’. What software is this?

DirectSound is a Windows sound framework. Kinda like sending the sound to the OS (system), and not a specific hardware interface.

I remember it from the Windows XP days. But since moving to a Mac, I haven’t had to worry about drivers anymore. It’s not quite clear to me what you need this for.

@LePousson - Are you using USB headphones that rely on the DirectSound drivers / connection?

@glen Not really USB Headphones but a USB interface box on which I connect my headphones with jack 3.5mm …


@LePousson - Try selecting either (both) WASAPI / Kernal Stream modes on the controls page and see if your device shows up when you click the “Output Device” selection. See my example below. If that doesn’t show it, then you might need a WASAPI driver for your interface for Audirvana to see it, but I’ll let other more experienced users chime in on that one.

@glen No, it doesn’t show up with WASAPI or ASIO, and I think there is no way to get a WASAPI or ASIO driver as the manufacturer doesn’t exist anymore … :’(

And I can’t afford a new interface box currently, so I’ll need to be using another playing software …

Thanks for replying :wink:


Does it work with Asio4all?

I can hear sound but very low and with no effect applied by the USB box …

I think that the only solution would be that Studio can use “DirectSound/Windows” drivers, but will it happen one day ?


Do you mean that with ASIO4all it doesn’t work properly? Which USB device are you using?

The sound volume was on my side, the headphones button was set to low volume looool

But the little app to manage the USB Box does not recognize any ASIO or WASAPI driver, including ASIO4All :’(

It is a non-branded little box I had several years ago (when I was using Win 7).

This is too bad but I’ll continue using Foobar2000, which is totally free by the way, which can use ANY type of driver and that suits my needs perfectly. I thought that at least v3.5 would be able to use “DirectSound” drivers but no, only ASIO and WASAPI :’(

Thanks @glen for your help :wink: