How to play songs by artist and not just by album

For some reason I cannot seem to play music by artist and instead am forced to create a special playlist for them separately or per album. I could not find any help on their FAQ and they do not have an option to contact customer support so I’m left asking my question into the void in hopes that someone can explain how to do this. I refuse to believe that such a standard feature that was around since the dawn of the millennia was removed or forgotten, or even chosen to not be included, for the express purpose of forcing people create playlists in order to hear their favorite artists’ songs in their entirety uninterrupted (with the option to remove the songs we don’t like from our collections of course). Thank you and bless you for your help in this. :+1:

Hello @John_Parsley,

How do you want to play the tracks of your artist if it’s not in a album? You want a play button on the artist page?

Yes, like the ones for the tracks and the albums. To be able to play songs normally by artist.

This is not available but we are working on it for a future update of Audirvana.


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