How to revert to 1.9 for Apple computer users

I am not able to find anything searching the forum. Is there a place to download older versions of Studio.

I would like to to back to the version right before 1.10

I have put it here on that thread…

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Thanks @RunHomeSlow That did it. I appreciate your help.

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It go smoothly no issues? All playlist and favorites good?

That, I am not sure about. Haven’t gotten there yet. Did the download successfully and opened the app to confirm 1.90.

Let us know

It appears all is still the same and working, however, I did not make any changes to any playlists since the 1.10.1 update.

Probably because I spent all my time and resources trying to figure out how to fix the issues. LOL

Ok, then we can confirm that the revert is smooth! Good job, thanks to @RunHomeSlow for the link. Should you tweak the thread title remove question mark?


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Best thing I saw this morning was “Skip This Update”:joy: If I get ambitious I’ll revert my laptop that’s pooched

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I just thought of something @OffRode

When doing the install of 1.90, I was asked if I wanted to replace, or add a copy. I chose replace, but most likely, making another copy would essentially keep both versions, thus, there shouldn’t be any issues.

When the fix for 1.10.1 comes out, rather than updating through the app, I am thinking about downloading from the site and that way, keeping 1.90, just in case.

This is of course for Mac. After install, you drag the file to the Applications, thus getting the option.

Not sure how Widows works.

Yes that’s good thinking to keep a few copies. I knew that @RunHomeSlow is good about this I’m pretty sure @Jacob as well. Let’s see if someone on windows will give it a go but knowing windows as of late I’m willing to bet a donut it won’t be as smooth a production. Hopefully I’m wrong

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