How to see all/multiple genres in Qobuz. And more questions

How can I see all genres in Qobuz new release (or other lists)?
In Qobuz app you can multi select or chose all genres

Also, any update on the remote? It is critical for me to test before my trial end on 22 of July…

Last, any plan to support streaming to Chrome Cast enabled device?


Multiple Qobuz genre selection is not available from Qobuz supplied API to its partners.

Ability to use the iOS Remote (A+ Remote) is the next feature to come. But this won’t be before July 22nd.The behavior of the current iOS remote can be seen on the screenshot video at

I’ll announce its availability in this forum.

Chromecast is not on the short term roadmap that is:

  1. Remote control from A+ Remote
  2. VST plugins
  3. Kernel Streaming

For all genres in Qobuz, I’ve just added it . It’ll be in build 1027.


Is it now possible to stream from a MacBook to Chromecast? If not, what do you recommend for Wifi bit-perfect input from a NAS to a DAC?