How to Sort Albums With the Same Name - Origin

I have been pulling my hair out over this problem and any suggestions would be helpful.

I have albums with the same name like “Greatest Hits”. When I try to use the sort as function, for example “Tom Petty Greatest Hits”, it will not sort that way in album view.

Audirvana instead sorts all the greatest hits albums together even if they are from separate folders. I’ve reached out to the support team and they can not fix the problem.

Anyone experiencing this have any tips to get albums named the same sorted differently?

Hello @ldsimpson16

You use the “Sort by” option in metadata.




I should have said that I have had sorting issues like yours. I found that after opwong and closing and refreshing “sync” a few times it was corrected.


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Hi @ldsimpson16 ,

I know you reached out to the support by email and we are dealing with your issue over it. I’m sorry for the long wait, we have not found the time to look at your database file for the time being but when we will do this, we will come back to you.

Agreed, I have a few ‘greatest hits’ albums,.
In metadata - album title = greatest hits, album artist = tom petty ( for instance )
sorts perfectly well.

Hello @idsimpson16,

I’m using a very simple method so far.

In the Edit sorting criteria settings I use the following order (see picture attached):

  1. Album Artist
  2. Album Title

So the very first criteria is Album Artist. Then if I change (a lliitle) name of Album Title I can see even two or whatever you want the same albums because for Audirvana it’s different names.

For example you can see Hotel California by Eagles and first one is 24/192 digital, second one is SACD ISO file and third one is another edition. So only small differncies in Album Title.

You can make these changes using free XLD and SACD ISO Tag Editor apps.

Hi All, Thanks for the suggestions.

I don’t have or maybe i just dont see an ‘Album Title’ option under filtering. Would this be the ‘Album’ option?

Was looking in the wrong place, but i found what I needed. Will give it a try and keep you posted

Hey guys,

Update: I tried all the suggestions here and unfortunately they solve the problem.

I have tried to use filters, re-syncing, the “sort as” function, tagging, and I even moved files into new folders and nothing works.

Not sure if it’s an issue with the amount of albums I have, but the automatic syncing is really not helping. I can manually make the changes and updates I would like, but once the syncing starts, it moves the albums right back together.

Anyway, thanks for the suggestions. I’d be willing to try any other tips people may have.

Screenshot 2023-09-19 at 10.41.42
This will sort your albums first by Artist, then by Title ( So, Tom Petty - Greatest Hits ). if you put Title first then Artist, you will get the behaviour you are experiencing ( All greatest hits together ).

So I finally resolved my issue. In the sort name category, you will need to space twice in order for the albums to sort with the same title correctly. For ex., Big Issue [one space] band name will not work and will simply sort the albums under the same name. Whereas Big Issue [two spaces] band name will sort appropriately. Hope this helps others.