How to stop A+ 3.2.8 boosting DSD audio gain?

The HDTracks DSD 64 version of Michael Jackson’s Thriller album does not require any gain boost (see this and note the peak 0.0 dB on Billie Jean), however, it seems that by default Audirvana is increasing gain, resulting in clipping. Using an RME ADI-2 DAC outputting to a headphone amplifier I can see on the ADI-2’s sound level meter that the volume level is approximately 6.0 - 7.0 dB too high.

I believe the problem is not with the actual DSD files or RME ADI-2 because (a) using another DSD software player, I don’t have this issue, (b) converting the DSD files to ALAC without gain boost, sound levels are close to what they should be, and © a 6 dB gain boost is suspiciously consistent with some schools of thought for boosting DSD audio.

How do I configure Audirvana so that it doesn’t increase the gain on DSD tracks?