How to stop Audirvana automatically rescanning my USB drives each time I connect them to my macbook?


I’m using Audirvana Origin 2.4.0 on a Macbook Air M1.

I keep my music collection in a few large USB sticks I plug in and out of the macbook.

Every time I plug the USB stick into the macbook, Audirvana will grind through a re-scan of all the files, slowing down the whole system.

It does it EVERY SINGLE TIME, regardless of any real change on the USB stick.

My settings look like this:

Is there a way to stop this enormously annoying behavior?

I want to be able to turn off AUTO sync and only sync the db manually the rare times I add files to the collection. This seems common sense – I can see no single reason to force the AUTO behavior on your users without a way to turn off the setting.



This issue is crippling my laptop performance and draining the battery.

Looking at the old forums, people have been complaining about it since forever.

No comment from Audirvana’s support?

I will keep bumping the issue every week: I need this solved, or I need to know the product team doesn’t care.

Thanks, Enrico

Have you already attempted to contact ? That is the official support portal. Official support here on the forum can be hit or miss.
Sorry I can’t be of more help but I don’t use Audirvana in the same scenario as you.

I think, being as you remove the drives, they will need to be scanned each time they are re-inserted, particularly if they are all named differently.


That’s my best guess as well due to the fact that he is changing his library constantly.


Thanks for trying, fellows :pray:t2:

Official support has been unhelpful in the recent past, so I sort of gave up on that. At least, if I write here, if someone is grappling with the same problem, we will be able to gather our voices and maybe the team will listen.

I’m not changing my library constantly. The USB drive are full, so I wouldn’t be able to move more files there even if I wanted.

The name of each USB volume is always the same. Of course, when I unplug a drive and plug another drive, at system level, a change happens. But if this is the way Audirvana detect changes, it’s broken.

But all of this is beyond the poing. It’s a USD 120 product. I should be able to turn off «AUTO» scan mode, and start the scan manually: it’s just a toggle. Support should be responsive.

I’ll wait a few days, then my only weapon will be writing bad reviews describing my problems, and the fact that nobody at the company is addressing them.

Thanks again to all those who tried to help and advise :pray:t2:

So, all your USB drives have the same name? If not, each time you remove / replace with different drive it’s new, therefore will need to be scanned before use to build the library… so it may as well be auto. I wouldn’t know any way round this, as your storage method is pretty unique.

Thanks, reddog1 :pray:t2:

The volume names of the USB drives are all different.

MacOs of course mounts them to one of several devices – at a OS level, the path and device name will be something like /dev/disk4s1. I have no control on which device MacOS assign an USB drive on. I assume Audirvana on MacOs reads the volume name, and not the internal device name (which is mostly not even visible to the user, unless you really search for it).

Am I really the only one keeping my music collection on USB drives? :flushed: Keeping files on USB drives is unique? Afaik is the most common way these days, whether you have a laptop or a desktop machine :person_shrugging:t3:

Keeping on USB drives is not unique, swapping them around maybe is.
My music files are on SSD drive, which when they become full, I move to a larger one, so I only ever have one drive connected to my laptop.

In the end, I found a sort of solution, or at least a workaround: I simply deleted all my synchronized folders, and I’m dropping the music I want to listen to into the playback queue from the filesystem directly.

It’s not ideal, but, all in all, I’m using Audirvana because of the audio quality, not because of the fancy collection management features. It was useful to have a centralized search, but it’s not worth Audirvana freezing my laptop every time I re-plug one of my USB disks into it, because it has to re-scan it even if nothing has changed.

And, to be honest, Audirvana audio quality is unmatched. Plus, while support is lacking and the developing team has its fixations, as far as I could experience, the other major high-quality audio players that support macOs are even less supportive, and sometimes they border on fanatism (e.g. on not supporting drag&drop or browsing via folders structure).

So, after all the grumping and mumbling, I’ll stay with Audirvana.