How to uninstall from a dead computer

My old laptop died recently and now I’d like to run Audirvana on my new machine. I’m told I have to uninstall it from the dead computer first which is obviously very difficult.
Thanks for your help!

I have the same problem. Audirvana was installed in my mac. I bought a new mac computer but the old one is reformatted to sell. I was not aware that I had to uninstall Audirvana first. Now I can’t use it on my new computer.

Me too! Just yesterday, the older iMac I run Audirvana on totally died. How am I supposed to uninstall Audirvana from a dead computer? Am I going to be able to run my registered version on a new computer without uninstalling it from the old dead iMac (I don’t think I ever had it installed on any other computer)? When my new computer arrives what am I supposed to do?

I rxeceived an e-mail to reactivate my account, but when I tried to do so the link was no longer valid. Please send me a new link to re-activate my Audirvana+. I miss it on my new computer.

Please, I want to get help installing my Audirvana Plus on my new mac computer. I own a license key but it dissapeared with my old computer when the harddisk was formatted. My Invoice No: BV20711888 with date November 23, 2015 and orderno. 44251706.
Please send me an e-mail to re-activate my license-key. I hope I don’t have to buy a new license because of buying a new computer.

Kind regards,
Dre van Hoof

I have removed your activated Macs from your license key. You can now activate up to two of your own Macs with your license key.

For others having the same issue, don’t hesitate to send me a PM.

Done, I have removed the computers attached to your Mac license. You can now activate to up to 2 of your own Macs.

Thank you Damien. The issue is solved.

Bonjour Damien,
J’ai exactement le même problème. Après avoir acheté un nouveau Mac, j’ai effacé l’application Audirvana de mes deux autres ordinateurs sans avoir retiré l’autorisation… Comment puis-je contacter le service client pour régler ce problème ? (Je n’ai pas trouvé comment vous contacter par message privé).
Merci d’avance.

J’ai supprimé tous vos ordinateurs de la base de licences. Vous pouvez maintenant activer jusqu’à deux de vos ordinateurs Mac.

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Merci beaucoup Damien d’avoir pris le temps de régler ce problème.


I have the same problem, Damien woulld you be able to help me?


Seems new users are unable to send PMs (or I overlooked this option). @Damien, would you please remove my activations (order 91432563 from 2019-02-21, email same as in my profile).

Same for me, I don’t see an option to send private messagefs. My order: 70775218 , placed on: 2018-05-13.

Many thanks for your help,

Just click damien icon

Thank you, but there was nothing but user information. Now I got levelup and can see button for sending PM.

Même problème pour moi: j’ai oublié de désactiver Audirvana sur un vieux poste avant de partir en vacance et impossible de faire faire un message perso à Damien en tant que nouvel utilisateur.
Damien s’il était possible de désactiver toutes mes installations (upgrade du 21 mars 2017) ce serait génial.
Merci d’avance

@dipstef @nicopra @Gummilion : Done, you can now activate again up to two of your own Macs with your license key.

Still no luck here. I’m getting the “too many installs” message.

Worked like a charm for me. Thank you Damien