How to upload filter curve file from REW (Room EQ Wizard)

I would like to upload the set of filters I developed using REW (Room EQ Wizard). I suppose the AU NBand Equalizer is the best option among the effects. Are there any instructions available? As a fallback I can re-enter all the filters manually, but how to translate Q to Width? Any other tips are very welcome!


Hello MediumRare - I had the same question as you … until I read a few replies on this forum. I have opted for a different approach: export the filters from REW as a WAV file, and then import this WAV file into a convolver plugin in Audirvana (I have installed LA Convolver, free for MAC).

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Is anybody else doing room correction via Audirvana/MacOS?

Yep I am, MediumRare. I also have REW. Probably the easiest way to transfer the REW settings to the AUNBand plugin is to enter them manually. Here’s a calculator to convert Q to width and width to Q :

It works a treat!