How to use the same library in my Harddisk across 2 MAC Computers

Hi I have my entire music library in a 4TB external hard disk which is connected to my MacBook Pro. I have a Mac mini in my other room which I want to connect the same library files. Is it possible to connect the 2 audiravana players in my MacBook Pro & Mac mini through someway which will enable me to use the same files on a single external hard disk?

Yes. Take a copy of your library file over to the second setup. In my instances, I receive a Disk Has Changed message for every defined folder I have defined in my library BUT the music will play. Give it a go.

Hello Surya,

If I am not mistaken, and assuming that both computer are on the same network, a solution could be to configure the hard disk as “shareable” in order to access it from the Mac Mini. Check the “Get Info” of the hard disk.
There should be no problem for both instances of Audirvana to access the tracks stored on the shared hard disk.
However, sharing the database itself may be problematic, as explained in others threads on this forum.
Maybe someone will elaborate further on what care should be paid to modifications to files if both instances of Audirvana happen to run at the same time, which I believe would be a breach of Terms of Use of Audirvana, but could inadvertantly happen.

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