HQPlayer + Audirvana

Could HQPlayer be integrated into Audirvana like the much more expensive Roon?
HQPlayer has various high sampling and high quality sampling algorithms, as well as noise selection, noise modulation and modulator algorithms.
I find it sounds a little better and has a variety of options but even though its price is more than double the Audirvana the UI is unacceptable.

How do you know that HQPlayer could be integrated into Audirvana?
And how much more would you be willing to pay? Because, obviously, the integrated version would be more expensive.

Sorry this is a question. I fixed it.
How much more … I can not answer to you.

It is a no for me. I have Roon and used it with HQPlayer. Roon sounds a little bit better with HQPlayer, but that is because Roon sounds not as good as Audirvana to start with. So that means a lot of effort and cost for very little gain. That is called the law of diminishing return.

For probably very few people who want this? And how much more would Audirvana cost because of that? My suggestion: If you want the same functionality as Roon with HQPlayer, subscribe to Roon and buy HQPlayer.

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HQPlayer sounds worse than Audirvana.
Why is it needed?

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Your opinion. Sounds better to me.

You need to use HQPlayer Embedded, not the Desktop version.
HQPlayer Embedded can also function as a UPnP AV Renderer

Thank you Stefano, I try it.

HQP interferes with the original sound of Audirvana, but does it change sound for the better? I do not think so.
But “De gustibus non est disputandum”

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