HQPlayer Integration

Why Audirvana can’t do the same as Roon and allow we listen to through HQPlayer?

This way we can use a great library management software with the best sound player…


Would also like to know.

And I, would also like to know.
But probably those in charge do not listen !!!

It could be me. Wouldn’t that be strange? Audirvana is an audio player that has as a USP that it sounds great. Not using the audio engine of your own software but using a competitor takes away that advantage.

Audirvana’s database management and UI isn’t great.

In the case of Roon, the emphasis is on database and UI and there is an option for HQplayer.

Shouldn’t the question be whether HQplayer should get a beter UI?

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Because Audirvana is not Roon? Big price difference. Also according to most reviewers Audirvana already sounds better than Roon anyway. Why replace Audirvana’s sound engine with HQ Player?. I agree with @Jacob here: HQPlayer is massive expensive (about 3-4 times the price of Audirvana). For that price HQPlayer itself should have a good user interface.

I will agree with you on everything. The price of Audirvana is not comparable to that of Roon or HQ.
I consider the Roon to be acoustically lower than Audirvana but the HQ sounds better to me but it has a very bad UI.
I would just like this feature. I do not know how difficult it is or if there are any copyrights.

It would certainly be an interesting add-on for those wanting to try various upsampling regimes. You know, tinkering…
Listening to Roon always makes me feel like having to fiddle around with upsampling, be it in Roon itself or by the use of HQP. Listening to Audirvana, I am perfectly content and I wouldn’t know what upsampling could do to make the sound better.
But for those who think they might gain something, it would certainly be a valuable tool to have.

Well, put a feature request in the category ‘User Voice Audirvana’. That is the proper spot for such requests.
There people can vote if they want to have it.

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